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Lillith Avir

Lillith Avir

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Never Have I Ever – November



Why blog?

I´ve always been writing. It helped me sort the thoughts and emotions, which sometimes were just too much.
I also always enjoyed talking to my friends about my experiences and exchange stories.

So this blog is exactly that.
My way to sort out my thoughts on D/s, my emotions about D/s and my way to share it with my friends, around the world.

Latest Posts

Latest Posts

Not a Sex Slave – Yet a Good Girl

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on A good girl is always available Isn't that every man's dream? We all know what is implied, right? It's...
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Thought of You

It will always be a mystery to me how we can’t forget the love that forgot us.JM Storm He texted again. Out of the blue....
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Enjoy my Pain

There's not much I can say about Sadism. All the run-ins I had with so-called sadist all ended pretty bad. And I never saw myself...
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Outlet of Submission

Photo by Brett Sayles on Submission appeals to responsible, hard working...
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Read a Book

I remember seeing the term "sapiosexuality" about 2 or 3 years ago...
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Don’t Speak…

Photo by Kat Jayne on I know that I'm the one...
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Please what now?

Does a Dom need to use the word please? I think I...
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Hurt Me and Say No

Photo by Anete Lusina on I always have trouble with labels....
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Orgasm Control

Orgasm control is a no-brainer for me. It is part of d/s,...
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