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My initial idea was to combine my post for this week's #QuoteQuest and for the current #NoTrueWay, but I have decided against it and went...
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The Godfather
I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.... Watch other movies:
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NTW #2
I cannot believe the first two weeks are already over and it's time for the second NTW promt. A response from @BackFestlig to another tweet...
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About Lillith

I am a woman, in my 30s, living in Germany. I’ve started exploring my submissive side years ago and this blog followed.

At some point the exchange on Twitter was not enough and I needed a place to write down my thoughts, ideas, fantasies. So here I am. With my ramblings, stories and experiences.

After a very long search and many ups and downs, I found a friend who became more.

I am owned by the most wonderful man, who leads me, makes me think, and makes me a better person. Michael is my love, my Sir, my Daddy and so much more.


Green Eyed Monster
On Thursday he asked me whether I enjoyed flirting with @ServiceSlut. And...
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Invisible Collar
Whether worn or not a collar is never off. I have written...
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Touch Me
I think, I've written about this before. I am not a big...
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Forbidden Mood
Every morning, when I wake up, I take my phone and write...
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How do I Love Thee?
How do I Love Thee (Sonnet 43) How do I love thee?...
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I was browsing my drafts to gather my thoughts. There are some...
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Far and Close
Most of the time it's not even on my mind. Maybe it...
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