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Lillith Avir

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Never Have I Ever – November



Why blog?

I´ve always been writing. It helped me sort the thoughts and emotions, which sometimes were just too much.
I also always enjoyed talking to my friends about my experiences and exchange stories.

So this blog is exactly that.
My way to sort out my thoughts on D/s, my emotions about D/s and my way to share it with my friends, around the world.

Latest Posts

Latest Posts

Red is Back

I can't remember at what age I started painting my nails. I always liked them painted. I tried different length and colours and patterns. I...
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NTW #39

Can one be a submissive and a feminist? Go back and find out. This week's prompt is inspired by a Twitter thread by @TheBoyWhoWasToy. One...
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Snowy Winter

Photo by Egor Kamelev on I love winter. Proper winter. As someone, who was born in a country where real winters happen, I'm not...
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I Choose, Because I can

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on You can't be a submissive and...
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Tell Me, What to Say

Photo by Ann H on I was driving. It was a...
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Cum For Me

It is a submissive's responsibility to make sure the dominant (always) reaches...
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Break – Erase – Rewrite

Photo by Poppy Thomas Hill on Sometimes Michael says something about...
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Mommy likes Bruises

If you’re a parent, today is a day to think about how...
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Rituals and Tasks

Photo by cottonbro on I had been doing so well with...
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The Busy Submissive

Photo by cottonbro on That picture represents my brain and life...
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Possession of Collar

The collar given to me by Sir on our anniversary It has...
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