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Why blog?

Why blog?

I´ve always been writing. It helped me sort the thoughts and emotions, which sometimes were just too much.
I also always enjoyed talking to my friends about my experiences and exchange stories.

So this blog is exactly that.
My way to sort out my thoughts on D/s, my emotions about D/s and my way to share it with my friends, around the world.

Latest Posts

Latest Posts
Coming and Charging
Never Have I Ever... ...had at least one orgasm per day for a month. Before November started I asked Sir to pause our rule when...
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Dreaming of a Future
Never Have I Ever... ...made plans for the future involving a Dom. Now, don't get me wrong, I did a lot of dreaming. Because that's...
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Never Have I ever... ...eaten a Fluffernutter Sandwich. In October, Michael and I were talking and he was trying to find out what I like...
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Are you scared?
Never Have I Ever... consciously decided to embrace the feeling of...
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Play With Me
Never Have I Ever... ...been used like a doll. To be fair,...
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Being (a) Submissive is hard
Never Have I Ever... ...been in a relationship like this one before....
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Never Have I Ever... ...chosen a collar for myself. I had collars...
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Fear Not
Never Have I Ever... ...played (d/s - obviously) or had sex while...
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I'm pretty sure I have written about humiliation before. It's a tricky...
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