The correction of Princess

The correction of Princess

As I ran towards the door, he grabbed my arm and asked: “Where are you going young lady?”
“Out. Dancing!”
“In that outfit?”
I looked down on at myself. I was wearing a backless black shirt, a very short black skirt and my favourite red high heels.
“Yes, in this outfit”, I said while freeing my arm. I kept on walking, took my bag and my car keys. As I opened the door I heard him say: “I expect you to be home at midnight!”
I laughed. “Yeah, right! I´m old enough to vote, to drive a car, even to get married. I´ll get home, when I get home. Bye!”
I slammed the front door and stood there for a second, thinking whether I should go back in and say I´m sorry, as I didn´t mean to slam it that loud.
But I decided not to, hopped in the car and drove off.

I found a spot to park, but rather a walk from the club. My friends were already waiting for me out front of the club. We waited a bit in line, but finally got in, and went directly to the bar.

The bar keeper seemed to like me and gave me several drinks for free. While dancing I would look over to him and smile or wink.
We were having a good time, but at about two o´clock noticed people were staringt to leave. We decided to stay a bit longer and kept on dancing and partying.

At quarter to three I decided to go home. I said goodbye to my friends, blew a kiss to the bartender and walked out. It was a nice, clear night. After all the cocktails I had I decided to walk home and headed to my car for more comfortable walking shoes and my coat.
I walked through the dark,quiet parking spaces toward my car. As I passed the public rest rooms a door opened suddenly and someone grabbed my left arm, pulling me inside.

I was pressed to the wall with my arm twisted behind my back. I was so shocked I couldn´t move. So many thoughts were running through my minds. ‘What´s happening? Why is that happening? Who is this guy?´Assuming it was a man, the fast, hard and sure manner in which I was practically pull off my feet into the restroom.
Finally I realised I had to do something, so I started struggling. He was holding my left arm so tightly that I couldn´t move it. Before I could move my right arm he grabbed it too and was now holding both my arms with one hand. I tried to kick back, but kept missing him and found it pretty hard to keep my balance on only one high heel.

I realized there was nothing I could do. Suddenly I felt his other hand on my body. He caressed me. He ran his hand up and down and stroked my hair. I could feel him loosening his grip and again I tried to break free.
He tighttened it again and pulled my head back by my hair. I felt his breath next to my ear and then I heard him say:”I will correct your slutty ways, Princess. With an outfit like that you might get raped. I keep on telling you that, but you just won´t listen. So I decided to make you feel it… And maybe that´ll also help with you talking back.”
His voice was very calm, he almost whispered, but the tone was what scared me.
“But, Daddy…”
“Shut up, slut!” I closed my mouth. How could Daddy do that to me?
He reached under my skirt and ripped off my G-string. “I never understood the point of these. Either you wear underwear or you don´t, but that´s just somewhere in between. It´s even too small to stuff your mouth.” He said and threw them on the floor. “But there´s no need for that anyway. Even if you´re going to scream, who will hear you? No one, that´s who!” He laughed.
What’s he planning, I wondered as I felt him lifting my skirt and running his fingers over my ass and my pussy.
“You´re wet, slut! Is this turning you on? Or was that the bar keeper? Yes, I saw you flirting with him to get free drinks. You are a whore and now I will treat you like one.”
I felt metal on my wrists and heard the handcuffs click. He let my arms go and turned me around. I looked into his eyes. I´ve never seen that much anger in them.
He stood in front of me, looked up and down. and with one sudden move he tore off my shirt.
I was standing there, with my shirt ripped, my skirt pulled up, no panties and my hands behind my back. I still tried to look into his eyes, showing him that I wasn’t afraid, even if I was really terrified.
He laid his left hand on my throat, pinned me to the wall and slapped me with his right hand. Tears came to my eyes. They ran down my cheeks, as he continued slapping me.
“Please stop” I begged.
He laughed loud. “I haven´t even started yet!”
He pushed me down. “Get on your knees, bitch!” As I dropped to my knees I saw him opening his pants and pulling out his huge cock. I looked up to him.
“What are you looking at, cunt? Start sucking! I´m sure a slut like you had already tons of cocks in her mouth.”
He slapped me with his cock until I finally opened up. He was still holding my head and began fucking my mouth, forcing his cock deeper down my throat.
I could hear him moan as I was gagging on his cock. Saliva was running down my chin.
I tried to breathe, but I couldn´t. He fucked my throat faster and harder, I began to feel that I was going to pass out.
All of the sudden he pulled out and I gasped for air.

He pulled me up by my hair, dragged me to the sink and turned me to the mirror.
I looked at myself. My mascara was running, because of the tears. My cheeks were black, my lipstick was smeared all over my face.
“Now you look like the cheap whore you really are.”
He opened my handcuffs. “You better hold on to the sink…” Without hesitation I did as he said.
I felt his cock entering my pussy and looked in to the mirror. He was looking at me with an evil smile on his face.
He rammed it in and began fucking me. It felt like hours to me, but it was probably only a few minutes.
I was begging him to stop, but he wasn´t listening to me. “Who knew a whore like you would be that tight? And you’re so sweet when you beg me to stop… It won’t help, but you’re welcome to beg some more. I do like it.”

And then finally he stopped and pulled out his cock.
I took a deep breath and felt relieved.
“Silly girl. You really thought that was it? There´s one hole I still haven´t used. Now I´m nicely lubed up from your tight cunt. Actually you should thank me. I could´ve fucked your ass without any lube…”
The moment he was finished saying that he started entering my
“Please, stop. It hurts! Don´t do this to me!”

But all my begging didn´t work. Slowly he slid in and began moving deeply into me and back out. As he increased his speed, he pulled my head back by my hair.
“That´ll teach to talk back and not to respect me. When I tell you to be back at midnight, you are back at midnight. Hear me, you stupid slut?”
With the last word I heard him moan and could feel his hot cum in my ass.

He pulled out, reached to his pants and I moments later I felt a cold metal plug entering my ass.
He turned me around, placed his jacket over me, gave me a hug and walked me to his car.
Still sobbing I turned my head to him and asked:”Can we do that again soon, Daddy?”
“Yes, babyslut, we can.”

We both smiled.

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