Less man because I am a woman…

Less man because I am a woman…

Yesterday I was reading a retweet from a German Dom I follow and decided to look into the person he retweeted. A German woman. A submissive woman. I am not sure of her age, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. I read some of her tweets, to help me decide whether I want to follow her or not. And with every tweet I read I less and less wanted to be her follower.
Not that she was saying bad things or was insulting anyone.
But I was so upset with what she wrote, because I felt it being wrong. For me. And I want to stress out that I’m not say women who think, the same way she does, are wrong, but it’s nothing I would be comfortable with.

I am submissive. I like being told what to do, sometimes – from the right person – even what to wear, how to talk and so on.
I even don’t mind if some decisions are made for me or when I am treated like a little girl.
But I do not feel that men are smarter, better or superior to women in any way. Women are not made to serve men.

I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist. At least not a good one. (According how a feminist should be in Germany.) I do not think that men and women are equal. Why? Because they are not. They are different and that’s the beauty of it. They never will be the same.
One of the biggest examples is having children. No man ever gave birth to a baby. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t see giving birth as something that makes me better as a man. Neither does it cut me down to “just” being a mother or a baby-mashine. 😉
But enough about babies.

What I am trying to say is that I don’t need to be the same as men, because I simply can’t, but that doesn’t make me less.
During play I will serve, I will be a little one, but if you are talking to me about something “grown-up” and important, as for example money, don’t treat me like a baby or someone who doesn’t understand.

And that is what might make me a bad slave. I’m not that kind of sub who’ll wake up early in the morning, prepare breakfast, take out clothes and wake up my Master.

It’s not the first time that I read or even heard someone saying something like that. And what makes me mad is that those women say it as if they are speaking not about themselves, but about all women.

It really did upset me and I have been thinking about it all day long.
Thank you for baring with me, while I do all my complaining.


  1. You’re right in what you say, men and women are equal. As a sub you have the right to argue the point of whatever rather than let a Master run everything, delegating as they see fit. But then, each to their own, some people want the micromanagement but that doesn’t make them less than equal. Does it?

    Btw, “I’m not that kind of sub who’ll wake up early in the morning, prepare breakfast, take out clothes and wake up my Master.” Perhaps you would for the right one, because he makes you feel that way when you wake up

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment.
      I am not sure whether you forgot to write a word or if it was intentional.
      You wrote that you agree with me, when I say that men and women are equal. This is not what I said. It actually is the opposite.
      I said that they are NOT equal and that it is good this way.

      As for your other point. I know myself pretty well and I know that I won’t be that person (slave) even for the right guy. And I don’t have to be.

      Thank you

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