My day off Twitter

My day off Twitter

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Anyone noticed? I wasn’t on Twitter today. I was allowed one hour in the morning, to tweet why I won’t be on, and that was it.
Did I miss it? Yes, I did. I had little sentences popping up in my head. Things that I would’ve tweeted. But now that I look back, most of the things weren’t that important or can wait.

So I had to find something to fill the day – I also wasn’t allowed to mastrubate…
And gues what? I did find things to do. Instead of checking Twitter every minute, I could wash the dishes in one go, for example.
I was wondering, what did I do before Twitter?!

It was a bit like the time when I would go without the internet for one day. It were good times. Relaxing, once you learn to let go and feel the freedom. Yes, I did write freedom, because I think it’s not healthy to be on the internet and/or the phone all the time. Sometimes it’s important to just shut down and enjoy the rwal world.

All this does not mean that I did miss my sweet Twitter friends like crazy. I can wait to be back with all of you soon.

Now comes the tricky part. I’m not allowed on Twitter and I am not sure whether posting something, like this blog, for which I don’t have to go on Twitter, is still considered tweeting.
So I thought I post it right after midnight… Good idea, right? But then I remembered that I am supposed to be sleeping at ten o’clock.
Tricky, as I said. I think it’s time to check out that “when to publish” sign…

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