She’s allowed to meet him

She’s allowed to meet him

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I am walking down your street and feel how I finally start to be nervous. All week I’ve been thinking about today and I was so excited.
We have been talking for months now and you’ve owned me for about as long. We’ve talked for hours and bit by bit you started control most aspects of my life.
It started with little tasks and rule. And every week they became more.
It didn’t take long for me to adopt your rules. Now they feel as a part of me. I don’t even have to think before doing them. They automatically happen. Living by your rules became as important and normal to me like breathing or eating.
You told me that one day we will meet, but before then I would need more training. And then suddenly last week you said that I was ready.
So here I am, walking towards your house. I planned my day and there’s no chance I won’t be on time. I want to please you, I want to hear you say “Good Girl”, I need to see that you are happy with me.
There’s your house. I open the front gate and walk towards the door. I look down on me, take a deep breath and ring the doorbell.
Within seconds the door opens and I see you standing there. You look into my eyes as I hear you say:”Hello girl.”
“Hello Sir”, I answer.
You step aside and make room for me to walk in.
The moment the door closes I turn towards you, kneel doan and lower my head.
I hear that you’re smiling, as you say:”Good Girl.”

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