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A couple of days ago I was told do extand one of my daily task. Only for that one day.
It doesn’t really matter what this daily task is.
The first few times I did it, it was rather painful, but I could deal with it. I even got used to it, kind of.

So when I was told to do it longer, I thought it wouldn’t be too bad. How bad can it get? Apparently I had no idea.
I prepared everything for the task and looked on the clock and started.
I chatted away with Sir, tweeted with some friends. All was good.
After a little while I started feeling pain. Not the regular pain that I have while doing it. It became stronger by the minute. I told Sir and he was very pleased.
Of course I was happy that he was pleased with me, but I was in pain and it was only getting worse.

Poor little me!

I’ve experienced some pain in my “vanilla” life. Also in my kinky life. But that was different. A different kind of pain.
I never saw myself as a painslut. Yes, I do like to be spanked and slapped and so on. But I prefer to use my safeword instead of feeling too much pain.

So, there was I, sitting at home, waves of pain coming and going and Sir was enjoying that.

“Suffer for me. Please me.”

How was it possible that I was hating it, but those 5 words made me wet and needy and gave me the strength to carry on?

Finally I was allowed to stop and the pain passed and the wonderful feeling of relief took it’s place.
You know that feeling when you are being spanked or flogged or whatever. It’s the moment the sting stops and this warm feeling begins.

When I was finally done and was more myself, I tried to analyse how I felt during and after the task.
Of course I was in pain and couldn´t really contrate on anything else. But once it was done, I was proud of myself.

I was given tasks before, also by my Sir, but that for sure was the most painful one, so far. It probably was also the hardest, because I didn´t like it and I only did it to please him. Knowing that I did, made me happy and hearing him say:”Good Girl” and that he´s proud of me filled me with a satisfaction which I have never felt before.

Thank you Sir!

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  1. It is amazing what our bodies can endure to please some one. We don’t think we can go past the limit that we have already set in our minds. Passing that is a very emotional thing and being proud of yourself is a wonderful feeling after accomplishing such a great task.
    Sounds like your Sir knows exactly what you need 🙂

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