I bought myself a fancy purse the other day. One that I can take along for special occasions, like weddings and such.
It came with a strap. A small metal chain.
I prefer to carry bags like that in my hand, so I took it off. As I was holding it in my hands and looked at it, my first thought was “That would be a nice collar”.
I tried it on and started thinking.

I’m not collared. I used to be, when I was with my ex. But even then, I only wore my collar when I visited him.

I like the idea of being collared. I love seeing collars. I think they look really nice and have a special meaning. Sometimes I see girls wearing necklaces and I wonder if those might be collars.

But do I need a collar?

No, I don’t think so. I don’t need a reminder to know that I belong to my Sir. I always belong to him. When I’m at work or shopping or sleeping. 😀

But because it looked nice, here a little pic for all of you 🙂


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