you are the slave

you are the slave

Today I tweeted that I was hungry and asked who wanted to make me dinner. Out of all responses one caught my eye.
He guy wrote:”you are the slave.”

I don’t assume that all my new followers read my blog, but I like to think that all read my bio on Twitter.
Some maybe even check out my FetLife profile.

On both it says that I am a sub. But not that I am a slave. I don’t like putting names and tags on things, but it seems to help people.
I never said I am a slave. I don’t even wan to be one. I don’t think that I’d be a good slave.
My Sir never asked me to be his slave. Why would someone think that I am one.

And even if I was one, what gives a random person the right to talk to me like that?!
I too am a human being and like have desires. Even if it’s something like having someone make me dinner.

In my opinion, being a sub doesn’t mean that all I do is serve (dinner). In a D/s relationship the Dom and the sub complete each other. The one is there for the other and vice versa.

Oh, and I just realised, there are a lot of Doms in my timeline who are the one who cook dinner and not the subs. Funny, isn’t it?

I’m really sorry for this post. Now that I am done writing it I feel a bit stupid, but also better.

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  1. Mark

    Good point, Lillith- you are a person, a human being, a woman…all good things. And all of these things are labels. Labels do not have to be bad. There are plenty of good labels. You are correct about D/s relationships- if its truly understood, the sub has the real power, not the Dom. It’s one of those mind bending things that makes D/s so intriguing! Love your blog, please keep writing! M

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