Princess’s Story

Princess’s Story

I wrote this story as a homework almost a year ago.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I was lying on my bed reading a book. I was so lost in it that I didn’t hear Daddy entering the room and walking towards my bed.


Within seconds I was sitting on my bed, looking up to him.

“Is this how a girl should behave when her Daddy enters her room” he asked. I looked down to the floor and answered quietly:” No, Daddy. I should’ve sat up and welcomed you. I’m so sorry Daddy.” I looked up very carefully and saw him smiling.

“Get up, little one. Go take a shower. I have plans for today.”

As I walked through the room I could feel him eyes on my naked body. It was a warm summer day and with Daddy around there usually was no point in wearing anything. Before walking out the door I turned around, looked at him and bit my lower lip. “Go already or do I have to force you?” I heard him say. I giggled and ran into the bathroom.

When I came back, Daddy was sitting on my bed. He picked out clothes for me to wear. I was excited to see what he has chosen. I went to my bed and stood in front of Daddy, waiting for him to inspect me and tell me whether I did a good job shaving.

His hands started to caress my skin and I closed my eyes. I could feel his hands on my arms, my breasts. He made me turn around and stroke my ass for a little while. Again he turned me around and started inspecting the area above my pussy, where my pubic hair should be. Slowly his hand slid lower and began massage my clit. I moaned quietly and wished he wouldn’t stop.

With one hand he spread my pussy lips, with the other he worked on my clit. He knew I was getting close. My heart began to race and my moaning became louder and louder. Suddenly he stopped. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“What’s wrong with you today? First you don’t get up as I enter your room, now you almost cum without asking. I wanted to give you a treat and allow you to suck Daddy’s cock, but you don’t seem to deserve it. Now get dressed. I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”

He got up from my bed, walked out and slammed the door.

I started getting ready. While I put on a black bra and a black g-string, I wondered what was wrong with me today. I never forget to Daddy for permission. I standing there thinking when I suddenly realised that I’d better get ready fast and don’t make Daddy wait any longer.

He was standing downstairs looking up at me as I walked out of my room. I knew he liked me wearing that white blouse and short plaid skirt. As I saw his smile I knew he wasn’t mad at me.

“Where are we going, Daddy?” I asked on the way out.

“Wait and see. You look beautiful, my sweet babyslut.”

We didn’t talk much while we were driving. I was looking out the window, wondering where we were heading. I knew he looked at me every now and then, it made me smile. Knowing that he liked what he saw, enjoying the view.

We stopped in front of a nice house. I’ve never been there and looked at Daddy. He smiled and said:”Get out of the car. I’m going to introduce you to a new friend.”

As we walked towards the door, I started to get nervous. Although I knew that Daddy was there with me, I still was a bit scared about what would be behind that door.

We rang the bell and a man opened the door. He was about Daddy’s age. Tall with dark hair and dark eyes. He looked at me, smiled and greeted Daddy.

We entered and I saw a girl kneeling on the floor, her eyes looking at the floor. She didn’t move, didn’t look up. I couldn’t stop staring at her. She looked gorgeous.

“Get up girl, come here and welcome our guests.” The man said. She got up, raised her head, smiled and walked toward us. I watched her walk. She was wearing nothing but a collar and a short summer dress. Her black curly hair moved as she walked. She looked at me for a second and it felt as if her green eyes looked right into me. I couldn’t take my eyes of her. She walked past me to the man, who I assumed was her Master and lowered her head when she finally got to him.

I felt Daddy’s hand pushing me from behind. “Say hello to Uncle Michael and his sweet girl Kate!”

“Hello Uncle Michael, hi Kate.”

Michael again looked at me. I could see in his eyes that he enjoyed the view. “Well, Kate, these are Lilly and her Daddy Bill. We thought you girls are always so lonely and probably get bored sitting at home with your fathers. So we arranged a little play date for the two of you. Come on, Kate, take Lilly with you and you two fix your Daddies some drinks.”

He wasn’t talking loud or harsh, but there was a firm sound in his voice that made me shiver.

When we came out of the kitchen both men were sitting in the living room. Daddy gestured me to get on his lap. Kate kneeled down next to Michael. Daddy gave me a kiss and told me to go sit with Kate.

I climbed down from Daddy’s lad and kneeled next to Kate on a fluffy rug. Kate looked up to Michael and he nodded, then she turned her face to me, smiled and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I smiled because I knew where this was going to lead. Daddy and I were talking about me being with another girl for some time now. The first moment I saw Kate I knew my wish was about to come true.

Kate turned around, now facing me. She took my face into her hands and closed her eyes. So did I. Within seconds I felt her soft lips on mine. First it were shy little kisses, but soon they turned into hot long kisses. Her tongue was playing with my tongue. She tasted wonderful.

My hands started exploring her body. I caressed her shoulders and her back. Slowly my hand moved to cup her breasts. I played with her stiff nipples through her dress.

I could feel her hands on my body too. She was tearing down my shirt and opening my bra. Suddenly she stopped kissing me and moved her head down, kissing my breasts, sucking and biting my nipples. I through back my head and moaned.

I felt her pulling me by my collar back to her lips. I pulled up her dress, helping her out of it, as I felt her pulling down my skirt and thong. Soon we both were naked and she pushed me on my back. Covering my body with her hot kisses.

She played with my breasts and lowered her head bit by bit, until I finally could feel her breath on my pussy. With two fingers she spread my lips and gave my clit a kiss. Then her finger entered my cunt and I moaned loudly. This girl, playing with me and the two men watching aroused me in a way I’ve never been aroused before. Every single touch felt like a little orgasm.

While fingering me, she began licking and sucking my clit. My moans became louder and louder. I knew I was getting close, so I opened my eyes, turned my head and said:”May I cum, Daddy?”

He grinned at me, answering:”No slut! You’ve been a bad girl this morning. You do not deserve to cum.”

A tear ran down my face, but I knew he was right and there was no point in arguing. I took a deep breath. Kate looked at me and I smiled. I pulled her up to me and rolled over. I gave her a long deep kiss and worked my way down. Kissing her collarbone. Paying extra attention to her beautiful breasts. Playing with each of it and sliding to her navel and finally her thighs. I teased her for a bit, kissing all the area around her pussy. I paused for a second before letting my finger enter her. I took my time to look at her pussy, my tongue tasting it, before eventually sucking her clit.

I took turns with licking and sucking, while I was finger fucking her.

I could feel her orgasm building up and soon I heard Michael allowing her to cum. She lifted her pelvis, so that my face was buried in my cunt and screamed. I kept on sucking until she laid back and said thank you.

I noticed Daddy standing next to me, smiling at me. “You’re such a Good Girl, most of the time. Now get your things together. We need to get going again. You won’t need that.”

I saw he was holding my thong. So I put back on my bras, shirt and skirt.

At the door Daddy made me turn around and thank Uncle Michael. As we sat in the car, I asked Daddy where we were going.

“You had some fun, now I will have some too.”


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