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For a while now I have been talking about how much I want to be kissed. I said that I don’t want those little tender kisses, but a passionate one. I want a man to grab me, pull me close and give me a looooong kiss. I want to feel his hands in my hair and all over my body.

So I was asked:”Why do you want to be kissed, if you don’t want to fall in love with the guy?” (Which is true. I am not planing to fall in love with anyone.)

The first thing that came to my mind when hearing the question was “Pretty Woman”.
You probably remember that movie with Julia Roberts. She plays a (first time) prostitute. And they have a rule. “Never kiss the guy” (or something very similiar).
The point is that appereantly you fall in love when you kiss.

I can see how love and kisses are related, but I do think that you can kiss without being in love.
Yes, a kiss can be a very intimite thing. But so is sex.
Isn’t sex even more intimite even? You get naked before the other person. You give him/her your body. At least for me that’s a big thing.
How is kissing more intimite than talking? I don’t mean random blabla. I mean talking about things that you don’t share with every one. Talking about your deepest desires. Your wishes. Your fears. Opening my mind to someone is for sure more intimite than kissing.
And from the subby side. Submitting to someone, allowing a person to have control over you, having him tell you what to do. What is a kiss compared to that?

And it’s not the kiss that makes me fall in love with someone.

I want to be kissed! I need to be kissed! I love being kissed…


  1. Love your post… I think everyone is different.
    I can have sex for fun but I can’t submit to just anyone. It’s very personal to me and I can’t do it unless I feel something (“love”) for that person.
    Even though I feel like there are many degrees and layers of love.
    hahaha I feel like I am going in a circle.
    Bottom line everyone is different and I hope you get kissed soon. 🙂

  2. Principal_Allen

    Nicely written, and I agree with you that each person must define what is “intimate” for them. I know a person who is saving the act of showering together for marriage. It might be making love for another person, or oral sex that defines intimacy. Pillow talk is certainly intimate because you are sharing your innermost thoughts in a more private way. It is up to each of what constitutes intimacy. Love your writings, please do more

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