To brat or not to brat

To brat or not to brat

About a year ago someone, I follow, tweeted “I brat, to see how far I can go and/or get spanked” (or something similar).

I really liked it, so I retweeted it and forgot about it. The other day it came back to mind and I started thinking.

What does that mean? What does it mean to brat? What does a brat do? What is the difference between being a brat and teasing?
I am sure some people might not agree with my opinion. But here it is anyway.
I asked on Twitter what a brat is and sadly didn´t get a lot of good responses. So I decided to figure out what it means to me and how I feel about it.

I think of a brat as a disobedient girl. Someone who doesn´t listen, doesn´t do what she´s told. A girl who is uncontrollable. Who doesn´t want to be controlled. She presses the other person´s buttons and doesn´t stop. She doesn´t learn her lesson when being punished.

I don´t brat! (I know there are some men out there who will disagree on that…)

I tease, A lot. I am playful. I make jokes. I push. And I might even test a dom.

But I do not brat.

Of course I try and test how far I can go. What will he let me do? What will happen to me if I go to far? And can I get out of it again, without being punished?

This way I learn about the dom, about his personality, about myself even. And I learn my lesson, if/when being punished

Just to explain what I mean by “testing a dom”. Just two examples. Quite often I´ve made the experience that I do something and the dom I am with threatens me with a punishment, but never actually goes through with it.
Same thing , if one day he let´s me get through with something and then next day he goes crazy because of the very same thing.

So, I test doms, as I test other people too. Just to know what and who I am dealing with.

I don´t brat, because I want and need to be controlled.



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