Origin of my name

Origin of my name

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Lillith Masala

Most people know that it’s not my real name. It’s not even close. Where does it come from?

I always liked that name. It sounds really nice. It makes me think of my favourite flowers, which are lilies.
In (Jewish) mythology it’s the name of Adam’s first wife. It is said that before Eve, who was made from his rib, he had another wife, Lillith. She was made in the same way he was. One source continues to say that, because she felt that she was just like him, she wouldn’t submit to him. He got angry and asked God to give him a different woman.
Lillith was send away and Eve was created.
So, I am a Lillith who wants to submit, but not just to anyone and as that Lillith, I hope, I know what I want.

A couple of years ago I joined Second Life. Back then you could choose a first name and then had to pick a last name from a list they gave you. One of the names was Masala. I liked the sound of it and how well it went with Lillith.
Later I found out that it is also a mixture of spices, which include garlic, ginger, onions and chilli paste.

I’ve been using that name since then. I love that name. It became a part of me.

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