My new limit

My new limit

Today I´d like to share something with you that saddens me a lot.

I have noticed that I have a new limit. And I don´t like it. Because it´s something that I really liked and it has been ruined for me.

I´m talking about being slapped, in the face.

The first time I was slapped it came out of nowhere. My ex was sitting on the couch and I was on top of him (and btw, we were both dressed). We were making out. He stopped looked into my eyes and suddenly he slapped me. For the first second I froze and was shocked, but then I felt how wet my panties were.

I started to love it. Just thinking about it made me horny and wet.

A few years later (early this year), I was again at the ex and we had a fight. It was not really a fight. More of a disagreement. I was disappointed that I didn´t get something that I have been fantasising about for so very long. He went to the bathroom to take a bath and I tried to calm down. When I was calm enough to face him again, I came into the bathroom. He was just finished.  As I as standing there, out of nowhere, he slapped me.
At this point we were not roleplaying, not playing at all. I, not Lilly, not the subby girl, was disappointed and told him that and he slapped me.

That relationship ended pretty soon. And him slapping me not during play, but just like that, played a big role in me breaking things off.

Since then I had a weird feeling about being slapped. A few months ago I again was slapped, during play this time. And I understood that I hate it.

It makes me sad that something that aroused me that much is such a turn off now…


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