My visit in Switzerland

My visit in Switzerland

Most of my followers read and know that I spent the weekend before last in Switzerland, visiting @mydesire and @sylvanus.

I have to admit, I was very nervous at first.
I’ve been talking to @sylvanus before and we had already met. He visited me and we had a lovely day together. Unfortunately he had to leave earlier than planned.
We kept on talking about meeting again, but had some problems finding a weekend which would work for both of us.
I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind visiting him. Meaning that we don’t need to meet in my town. Mina was ok with it, so we started planning and soon found a date which seemed to work for us.

That’s when I started getting nervous. How will it be? I knew that he and I got along great. But how would it be with his wife.
I have rather bad experience with women. They usually do not like me very much. Even those who are in an open relationship. (There was this one, living in the US, with a few guys herself, but didn’t want her boyfriend to flirt with me – online.)
I have gotten used to women not liking me a long time ago.

Mina and me exchanged tweets before and I enjoyed reading her blog as well.
After Sylvanus told me that I should simply be myself, I decided to tell Mina how I feel and what my thoughts were. I was glad to find out that she understood and, I guess, was a bit nervous herself. She was great at calming me down and after a while I started feeling very close to her.

Every time I had a question or a thought concerning Mina Sylvanus told me to talk to her directly. And I have to admit it was the right thing to do.

Then her break up with Master C happened. For a couple of days we thought about moving my visit to another weekend. But luckily we decided that it might even be a good idea and good distraction.

I was looking forward to a nice, platonic visit.

I can be very shy, especially when I’m not sure how to act around them. I know I have talked to Mina a lot on Twitter, but the moment when she was standing in front of me, was different. She became real.
First thing she did was to give me a hug and this simple gesture made me feel welcome.

I decided to be quieter and observe. After a while I got more secure and by the end of the weekend I felt like I can be myself around Mina and Sylvanus.

Looking back, they have really made me feel at home. They made me feel as if I belonged there and was welcome. I was even offered to sleep in the same bed. That I declined and was proven right the next night.
We all fell asleep in one bed. In the middle of the night I woke up. Mostly because I was cold. (One cover for three people is just not enough.) I tried falling asleep again, but had a hard time. I stayed in the bed for a little while and that was the only moment when I actually felt that I am just a visitor. They both were lying there, kinda snuggled in together, and I was not a part of it. So I went to the guest room and after a couple of minutes was able to fall back asleep.

I hope that I am not misunderstood. I am not upset or anything. I loved staying with them and enjoyed every moment of it. But this situation showed me that it’s not easy being the third party.

I had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back again or maybe have one of them over here.
And I think I can say that I have made a few new friends – including the dog.

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