Notes to my future Dom…

Notes to my future Dom…

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…if there ever will be one.

I’m not easy.
I do drama (not on purpose though).
I have a lot going on in my life, besides work.
I have weird habits.
I drop.
I am insecure.
I cry.
I fall in love.
I think too much sometimes.
I think too little sometimes.
I have a weird sense of humour.
I am not a native English speaker.
I have things in my life which are more important than being a sub.
I have my opinions on things and people and I don’t plan to change them.
I demand attention.
I misunderstand words and gestures.
I have limits.
(I could go on and on, but I think it’s enough for now.)

I’m not writing this because I’m fishing compliment or anything. I’m writing it because it’s true.
Some of the things I can and try to work on. But others are just the way they are and will not change.

I know it all sounds pretty negative. But I don’t think of it this way. Because I know who and what I am and I am happy with it.
And one day, there will be a man, who will accept these things, look beyond them and see my submission for him.


    1. Well, thank you.
      First I want to say that I don’t like using the word “perfect”. Something can be perfect for one person and be unfitting for the next.
      And a little comment. A “domme” is female. “Dom” is the male term.

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