Brick wall

Brick wall

shadows of people casted on brick wall of derelict building
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Inspired by a perfectly bad man

They had finished their meal, he paid and they walked out of the restaurant. It was a warm summer night, so they decided to walk for a bit.

There were still quite a few people on the streets, enjoying the late evening and the warm weather.
She followed his lead and they talked. She didn´t pay a lot of attention on where they were going.

Suddenly, she felt him grab her hand and she was pulled into a side street. She started giggling, but stopped immediately when she felt his strong big hand on her throat and the cold of the brick wall, she was being pressed against.
With one hand he was holding her in place. With the other he indicated her to be quiet. His right hand held her tighter, she was trying to breathe. Slow, little breaths, forcing herself not to panic.

She looked up to him.
She could see he was smiling and his eyes had that cold look in them. That look which she loved and feared so much at the same time.She knew what it meant. There was no way for her to escape.

He moved in closer. She felt his warm breath on her ear. “Are you scared, girl? You better be.” He loosened his grip and she took a deep breath.
“Well, that was fun. Let´s go now”, she said. At that moment he tighten his grip again and said:”You´re not going anywhere. I´m not done with you yet. In fact I didn´t even start.” He looked into her eyes. “Ah, there´s the scared look I was waiting for.”

Her heart beat faster and faster. She started to panic. She opened her mouth in order to say something, but decided not to, when she saw him shaking his head.

“You keep telling me how much you like being called a ‘Good Girl’. Tonight you will show me how much of a good girl you really are.”
He switched hands. Now his right hand was holding her. His right hand started unbuttoning her shirt. He didn´t hurry, he enjoyed undoing her shirt bit by bit. When he was finally done he grabbed her breasts. Played with the one, the other. Caressed the nipples for a while.

He stopped and looked into her eyes again. There was fear in her eyes, mixed with pleasure and the desire to please.
With a sudden move he placed his hand on her thigh. Pulling her skirt up. He smiled when he felt the light material on her thong. He just needed to pull it once and it was ripped off. He threw it over his shoulder:”You won’t be needing this tonight, girl.”

She was being pushed down. “It’s time you get on your knees and will put to some good use.” She unzipped his pants and freed his hard cock. His hand was on the back of her head, holding her by her hear, guiding her to his waiting cock.
She opened her mouth and gave the tip of his cock a little kiss. Her tongue played with the cock for a bit, licking it. Then she started taking it in. Bit by bit until his cock was completely in her mouth. He moaned, what stimulated her to suck harder and faster.

She could feel his orgasm building up when she was pulled up and pressed against the wall, again.
With his index finger under her chin he tilted her head up and gave her a long passionate kiss.

Both his hands grabbed her bottom and lifted he up a bit. Automatically she wrapped her legs around him and he slowly penetrated her. She smiled as she felt him filling her and moaned in pleasure.
His slow moves became faster and soon she felt him holding her tighter, he moaned louder and his hot cum was mixed with her wetness.”Good girl”, he whispered.

They stayed like that for a moment longer. Then he helped her down and zipped his pants back up. While she looked for a tissue in her purse, he said:”You don’t need that. If you are a truly good girl, you’ll be happy to walk with my cum running down your legs.”
She smiled.

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