10 things I’d like to do

10 things I’d like to do

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I have started to write this list a couple of months ago. But somehow had trouble to come up with 10 things, which I can share in public.

So, here it is. The list of things I want to do this year. A lot of them depend on me and I will try my best to not let myself down. A few also depend on others. And I hope to be lucky enough to find the people who can help me.

1. Get a new job.

2. Finally arrange this apartment and unpack all boxes.

3. Have a (really) good rape play. (And maybe figure out why that is on my mind so much.)

4. Become a better friend.

5. Find a Dom or at least a task master. Or even better, be found by him 🙂

6. Be more active in a specific project, which is very important to me.

7. Kiss someone with a tongue piercing.

8. Do something just for myself at least once every second week.

9. Have sex with a woman.

10. Exercise more and on a regular basis.


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