Her (Part II)

Her (Part II)

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Finally I felt our bodies close. No clothes between them. We still were kissing.
I couldn’t get enough of her. Our tongues were doing a little dance. Her hands were all over my body. Touching every naked inch of me.
My hands, as well, caressed her, played with her breasts and wandered all over her body.
I slowly moved my hands further down and couldn’t resist to grab her ass. She giggled and so did I.

I pulled her up, not stopping touching her for a moment. As we were standing I took my time to undo her undo her belt. I unzipped her jeans and stopped kissing her for a moment to kneel down and help her out of it and her panties.
My hands slip up her thighs as I came back up.

She undid my skirt and it fell on the floor. Then she too helped me out of my panties and covered me with little kisses as she made her way back up.

She gave me another long kiss, looked at me and smile.
Then she took me hand and draw me towards the bedroom.

To be continued


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