“You know what to do”

“You know what to do”

I was typing a letter as I heard my phone vibrating on the table. I stopped immediately and excitement rushed through my body.
Slowly I moved my hand to the phone and unlocked it. It was a text from him. Just as I thought.
“One hour” and an address, that´s all that was in the text. But it was enough to make my heart beat faster. “Yes, Sir” I replied and looked at the clock.
It would take me about 15 minutes to get there and I still had 30 minutes of work left. If I was able to concentrate.

I took a deep breath, poured myself a glass of water and looked the screen. All I had to do was finish this letter. Another deep breath and I continued writing. My head felt empty and yet I managed to write a very good sounding letter.

Again I had a look on the watch. 25 more minutes. I packed my things, shut down my computer and was out the door. The train arrived the moment I came to the station. The ride seemed to take for every. Every single traffic light was red and people were being extra slow with getting on and off the train. I was getting more and more nervous by the second. My heart beat faster. Finally the train arrived at my station. I got out, looked around and saw the address he texted me. It was a nice looking little hotel across the street. I walked in and up to the reception.

“Hello. My name is M…” The guy smiled at me. “Yes, here´s the key. Second floor on the right side.” He said. As I turned around he added:”Here´s also a note left for you.” He handed me an envelope.

I slowly walked towards the stairs and opened the envelope. There was a note inside. “Put your hair into a ponytail and wear your collar when you knock on the door” I knew his handwriting. As I walked up I did my hair and looked in my bag for my play collar. It took me a while to find it. There was a mirror on the second floor, so I took the chance and checked how I looked. I turned to the right and walked towards the room.

A deep breath before I knocked. I wondered what was awaiting me inside.

The door opened and he pulled me into the room, by the ring of my collar. He closed the door and pushed me against it. I looked straight into his eyes and smiled.

His hand reached up to my neck and I hard a ‘click’. A leash was applied to my collar. He turned around and walked into the room. I was pulled behind him. He sat down on a chair, reach to the bed and placed a pillow in front of him. “It’s for a proper hello, girl! You know what to do.”
I kneeled down. My eyes were still focusing him as I undid his pants and freed his semi-hard cock.
As usual I began with little kisses and nibbling, but I felt that he wanted to fuck my mouth. To use me.

Suddenly his hand was on the back of my head, pushing me down. His other hand was still holding the leash, pull me down. He used all his strength to force all of his cock inside my mouth. I gagged.

Then I heard those beautiful words escape his lips. “You’re such a good girl!” With that he came.
His hot cum shot into my mouth and down my throat. I heard him groan. He released his grip and I took a deep breath.

I smiled as I looked up to him. “Thank you, Sir!”, I said and started to clean up his cock.

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