But, Sir

But, Sir

“But, Sir…”
He looked at me and I knew, the smart thing was to shut up. I lowered my eyes and bit my lower lip. I felt his eyes on me. He walked around me, shaking his head.
“When will you learn? Am I such a bad teacher?” I opened my mouth to answer. “Be quiet! I don´t want to hear one word from you.” With this words he grabbed my arm and pulled me through the room. I knew what was coming and I hated it.

He stopped at the corner. “Take off your clothes”, he said while searching his pockets. “Ah, there it is”, he said as he took out a battery. There were no emotions in voice when he said:”Hands behind your back. Get into the corner and don´t drop the battery.” I knew the drill. I took a step towards the corner. My nose touched the wall and he placed the battery on my nose. He walked away.

I heard him doing something around the kitchen, then he sat down on the sofa. I could tell that he had a magazine in his hands. But I wasn’t sure if he was reading or just flipping the pages while watching me.
It seemed as if I was there for hours. I got more and more uncomfortable by the second. I tried to concentrate on something else, but my mind always came back to myself in the corner.

Suddenly I heard him move. A little sigh escaped from my mouth. He walked past me into the bedroom, opened a drawer, closed it, opened another one. What was he looking for? Whatever it was, he found it in the third drawer. He walk back to me. I felt his hands on my arms and then there was rope. He tied my arms together. Tight enough, so I couldn’t move them. He walked back into the bedroom and returned.

It seemed as if he kneeled down. I wasn’t sure until I felt his breath on my ass. I got nervous. Again he made me wait. There was silence. I heard him breath and then his whip hit me. I was so surprised that I almost turned my head. I only made a small move and the battery started to move as well. I stopped immediately. My heart slowed down again and in that moment another whiplash hit me.
I closed my eyes, felt the sting faint. Those were just little ones, but they sure were painful.

He stood up. I saw him standing next me. I could make out that he lifted his arm. Another lash was about to happen. But I was not prepared for what he had in mind.
On lash after the other landed on my bottom. I tried counting them, but I couldn’t concentrate.
I felt tears in my eyes, running down my cheeks. My ass was burning. With every hit I let out a cry.
“Sir, please stop”, I sobbed.
“Didn’t I tell you to be quite?” he answered, while continuing to mark my butt.

I knew that soon I wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. The room began to spin. I closed my eyes. I only heard the whip meeting my ass. And then there it was, it dropped. The battery rolled over the floor.
He stopped and looked me. My eyes were still shut, I lowered my head, turned around to him. My knees became weak and I had to kneel down.

I felt his arms holding me, helping me down. My arms were still bound behind my back, tears were running down my face. Finally I found the strength to open my eyes and look up to him.

He stood over me, looking down. No words were needed. He understood the apology in my eyes and I knew he had forgiven me.


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