I’m done fighting

I’m done fighting

That’s it! I’m giving up!
I have had way too much bullshit in my life.

I, myself, cause enough drama. I don’t need other people adding any to it.

I had a friend. We met as teenager. We went out, but it wasn’t right. So we stayed friends. He was my best friend. He moved away and so did I. But still we managed to stay close. He was there for me and I was there for him. No matter what or who was in our lives, we never forgot each other.
Then one day he met a girl. She seemed really nice. Intelligent, beautiful. She never said a bad word to me. But bit by bit my friend drifted away. She hated that he had friends who were girls, especially one as close as me. She stalked him, talked to his boss, told him that she would kill herself. In one word, she was crazy.
It took him a long time to get away from her. Only after that we were able to reunite and be friends again.
All this time I fought for him, for his friendship.

Now, that years have passed, I can see that our friendship will never be the same again. But still I know that it was forth fighting for him.

But when I look back to all the other fights in my life, there are only a few which were worth all the energy and tears.

And now that I face another one of this fights, I say:

That’s it! I’m done fighting!

I will not play games anymore. And I for sure will not fight for someone who doesn’t deserve me shedding any tears for him/her.
Even less so for someone I barely know.

If I feel drama or anything of that kind coming on, I’m out of here.
Don’t even start with “He said, she said”!
I’m not taking anymore bullshit. I’m not taking anymore (pretty little) lies.
Be honest to me. Tell me how things are, what you intentions are and we might me able to talk.


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