Month: <span>March 2012</span>

Month: March 2012

A promise never kept

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There’s something I’ve been promised by a couple of people (men), but the promise was never kept.

To write something for me.

Why is it such a big deal?

I find it a very personal thing to do. It’s like making a mixed tale for someone. (Which I also have been promised, by a boy in high school, with whom I was madly in love. And I never got it…)
The person has to sit down, think about yourself. He has to care enough for you to concentrate on you. To wonder what you would like to hear or read. It needs time to be put into nice words, good sentences. It has to fit all well. And I it’s really good, one feels that it’s about you and for you.

As the mixed tape in high school, I never got a story or something similar.

For almost 2 years my ex told me he would write for me, but was never inspired to do so. I should mention that he writes for a living.
I’ve been with other men. I’ve seen them writing for their ex-girlfriends, ex-subs etc. and also for the new ones after me. But need for me.

Why I am so upset about it?

I am not sure. It has to do with promises which weren’t kept and with the feeling that all these men didn’t care enough to actually spend some time thinking about me and writing a little something.
Not a story, not even something describing him and me together.

It upsets me. And what upsets me even more is that the more I think about it, the more I come to a realisation, which I don’t like and have been trying not to have for a long time.

It has to be me. I am not memorable enough. Not inspiring enough. Not important enough. Simply not good enough.


Please note: I am not bitter. I am simply annoyed I read something today that made me think about D/s. I like to compare my journey through D/s with my journey through love and sex …

Today’s funniest tweet

Today I received the following, via Twitter:

“@kinkymilinky: @Lillith_M hi i,ll be your dom go to www.kinkymilinky .com buy the sexiest out fit and tweet me back love u if you obey. Kinky Milinky xx”

The first thing I saw was the part where he says he wants to be my Dom. I rolled my eyes. But then I continued reading and at the end I was laughing.
There are so many things wrong from with it.

First of all, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation. How is it possible to make that many mistakes in one sentence?
I understand that people make them. I am far from perfect in any language I speak, but at least I try.
And there are always this little mistakes that you do. But it shouldn’t be that many in that few words.
Also, I like to know where one sentence ends and the other part starts. Dots and commas can make a huge difference.
As for the capitalisation. It’s not that hard in English. It really isn’t. Most words aren’t capitalised, but a few are. Like names or the first word after a dot or the word “I”…
Instead of the “xx” at the end, writing “you” (not “u”) is so much more appreciated.

But maybe that’s just me. I know people who don’t care about grammar that much and how others use it, if at all.

Now to the content.
The guy doesn’t follow me on Twitter. I doubt that he read one thing on my blog. He doesn’t know me. Why does he want to be my Dom? (But that’s something I’ve been asking a few guys lately.)

He wants me to order me the sexiest “out fit” from his site. Is that some kind of selling strategy? If it is, it’s not working for me.
I’m not spending money on just anyone. I’m not saying that I want the guy to always pay. But if he wants me to wear a sexy outfit and get a pic from that, he should be the one buying.
And if I order something from there, he’ll have more information about me than I want to share.

After that he wants me to tweet him back.
I couldn’t, even if I wanted to. I have a protected account and he’s not following. He didn’t even requested to follow me. So, no way that’s going to happen.

“love u if you obey”
Seriously? I mean, seriously?
Who are you to give me orders? Why should I obey you? And what do you know about love, if obeying is all you need to love someone?