Happy people

Happy people

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Please note that I am not talking about anyone specific. It’s more of a general observation.
Please also note: I am happy

Dear happy people (who are in love),

I am very glad that you have found each other. I am truly happy for you. It is wonderful to see that things can work out and that it then takes only a little bit to make another person smile.

I am very understanding. I know that you feel you have to share your love.
But I am asking you to also be tolerant towards people who, right now, are not as happy as you are. Just because you are happy it doesn’t mean that everyone else is supposed to be happy as well.

Everyone is allowed to have a bad day/week/month.

When a person is not in an amazing mood, it doesn’t mean that this person is a hater.

Have you ever thought that you constantly talking about your happiness and your awesome life might make people sad, because they don’t have a lot of reasons to be happy?
Not everyone is an optimist and a lot of people have a lot going on, a lot of problems. You don’t know what is happening in anybody’s life.

I’m NOT saying you should be miserable. I’m saying you should more understanding. When someone’s is talking about being unhappy or not liking something, it doesn’t mean he is a hater. In most cases it means he needs a friend.

One other thing, when someone keeps saying over and over and over and over how wonderful and great and happy he is, her situation is etc., it always makes me wonder, who the person is trying to convince. Me or him/herself?


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