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Body & Mind

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Today I saw the following question in my TL on Twitter:
“For the submissives a question to discuss – Which do you make more available to your Top – your body or your mind?” (Asked by @GhostPoets)

The answer popped right into my head – my mind

Then I had to face the challenge of explaining myself in less than 140 letters and I was not satisfied with my answer. As I was out later today, I kept thinking about it. So here are my thoughts.

For me, submission is more about what happens to my mind and my thinking than what happens to my body.
There are a lot of things I don’t want to be done to my body. I would never get a tattoo or a branding, for example.

But I am more than happy to explore the darkest corners of my mind with a Dominant.

Of course there are things he can do to my body. But every bruise will fade after time and the rope marks will disappear.
But getting into my mind is a sure way to be remembered even years later.

Yes, one can be restrained and kneeling and feeling very subby, but this feeling stops not long after one is free and out.
Being made feel this way in your mind is much more efficient.

My mind is more free than my body.
As an example, I have recently discovered that I am claustrophobic. I not only have trouble being locked in a room alone, I also can’t wear anything over my face without being able to see.
My mind is not restricted like that. Of course there are things I’d rather not think about, but my thoughts usually don’t make me freak out.

Also, in my opinion, I first have to make my mind available before even considering making my body available.
How can I trust a Dominant with my body, if I don’t open my mind to him first?

Just to be clear. Saying that I make my mind more available doesn’t mean I don’t make my body available too.

For me, submission starts and ends in my head.


  1. Submission is all about the mind. Without the it, you are not submissive but a victim. You allow yourself to be taken via your thoughts and feelings. This is why online submission works so well for so many.

    It’s good to see you back writing too

  2. Yes, it’s a very good, and clever analysis of the submission process, and of two of its main variants: for it’s also many other variants, linked to the enormous number of diverse fetishes, which may link you to an object, an environment, or a person … each one had very various aspects, secret or displayed, more or less addictive, or coercive!
    Each of us choose his(her) own variant according his(her) history, tastes, secret desires, inner phantasms, environment, circumstances ! ! !
    We are All subject to something, more or less tyrannous, lovable or hateful, sweet or pungent, Demoniacal or Heavenly! ! !

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