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I do not enjoy anal sex.
There I said it.

Not only that I don’t enjoy it. I hate it. It is uncomfortable. It is painful. It’s more pain than I am willing to take.

Yes, I had anal sex before and I never enjoyed it. Most of the time I hated it and the other few times it just felt odd, but not in a good way.

I am not willing to try it again, because the person I am with likes it so much.

Of course I am curious when I see other girls talk about how much they love it. And it might be true for them.
Maybe I just need some training. But I can imagine that it would take a lot of time.
And maybe I am simply not an anal-sex kind of person.

Having anal as a hard limit doesn’t make me a bad sub or even a bad lover. (But a man who wants it anyway, although I don’t like it, is a bad Dom and/or a bad lover.)
I’m not talking about anyone specific. It’s just a random thought.

I don’t like anal. And I am okay with that.

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  1. Anal is difficult. I don’t love it and I used to hate it. Truth is, anal sex needs to be worked into. Your anus needs to be properly worked and relaxed before you can enjoy anal sex.

    I can’t explain it, but my exMaster really trained my anus right. He worked it and somehow, it felt as if my anal cherry was popped. No other way of putting it. Since that day, I have found my anus is a lot looser.

    Now, I still have difficulty taking cock pleasurably. My ex Master was much smaller in diameter than my husband. I could take my exMaster’s cock n my ass easily, my husband, still causes discomfort. Thankfully, my husband is not a huge fan of anal.

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