Beware and be safe

Beware and be safe

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I know I have complained a lot about my exDaddyDom. But there is, at least, one thing that he taught me and which I am thankful for.
It makes me realise how lucky I was in my past.

We have been talking for a couple of months before we decided to meet. I knew I was going to England, so we used the chance to get together.

He made me tell a friend what I was up to. He gave me his address, full name, phone number. All that and a picture of him I gave to that friend. We arranged some signal words, which I didn’t tell my Dom.
We agreed on specific time when I would call or text.

My Dom and me met at the airport and spend all day in public. We walked through the streets on London, went to a cafe.
It was my choice that we ended up going to his place, where we spent the following days.

I trusted him and I was right to do so.

But sometimes I wonder. What if?
What if he hadn’t insisted on all those precautions?
What if he tried something after I felt secure and decided to go home with him?
What if he had shown his “real” face only after a couple of days?

Again, gladly none was the case and he was as normal as a perverted English man can be.

I want to take the advantage and speak to all of you out there.
Beware! And stay safe as good as you can.

– meet in a public place
– tell a friend about it
– find out everything about him that is important (name, address, licence plate number, picture, phone number, work place and so on)
– never agree on play on the first date
– call your friend more than once
– if you don’t feel safe with him, leave
– he has no power over you
– don’t feel like you owe him something

I’m sure there are many more other useful tips, but I think that’s all I could’ve come up with right now. Please comment and add more.

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