Random tasks from random men

Random tasks from random men

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There’s something I don’t understand. (There’s more than one thing, but let’s talk about one at a time.)

Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s something I do or say or something I don’t do or say. Maybe it’s my picture or my description or my bio.

That said, I would like an explanation for the following experience.

I talk to men online. On FetLife, Twitter, CollarMe. We talk. Just talk. About things like:
– Where are you from?
– My blog
– Experience
– Work
And so on

And at some point these men start to give me instructions, tasks.
Telling me that they are training me to be their slave. Giving me orders what to wear. Setting a timeline in which I have to wash my car. (Just to name a few examples.)
Not in a harsh way. In a way which my Owner, my Master, my Dom would say it. Mostly.

Neither did one of the men ask me to be their slave/sub/whatever nor did I ask for it.

When I tell them that I believe they are out of line and we should get to know each other, they usually agree. But a bit later I find them again giving instructions.

Don’t get me wrong. I love tasks. But not random tasks, from random men.

Is the fact that we talk via DM or a messenger kind of a sign that I agree to something?
Or that I tell them personal and private things?

I really would like to know, in order to avoid it.
Because the moment they man I talk to starts giving me instructions, something happens to me, my interest stops and the chance that anything ever happens between us becomes tiny.

I am the kind of girl who wants to know who she’s dealing with and wants to be known by her Dom.
How can you give someone a task and not know their limits and limitations?

Call me old-fashioned, but that’s the way I am. And if a man can’t respect that, he shouldn’t be surprised when I stop being interested in him.


  1. I think they’re being stupid in even thinking you’re going to do those things. I’m not sure you can avoid it due to the nature of people (men) in believing that because someone is a sub/slave that they’re a sub/slave to ANYONE and possibly everyone. To me it’s down to the sub/slave to decide who they want as a Dom/Master. I agree with you that nothing will ever happen should they go down this route without finding out your limits and esp without asking. Hope you find an answer.

  2. I think these are men who just want to have a domination fix right away. Almost like cyber play. They aren’t really interested in having a “relationship” of sorts with you. Just some play toy they can order around.

    I come across these men a lot too. I’m chatting and before I know it that are telling me I will do this or that. Needless to say, we don’t last long.

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