Today was a great day

Today was a great day

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Today is a great day!

It actually stared yesterday. A friend of mine asked whether I lost weight. Fact was I did. I started a diet last week. It’s the first one that seems to be working.

Anyway. Today I had a job interview.
Those of you who follow me on Twitter might know that I have been looking for a job for a while. But didn’t have any luck. Either I wasn’t even called back after I’ve sent in my résumé. Or if I was then something else came up. From their side or mine.
That frustrated me. Which led to the reason that I needed a diet at all.
In the end of last year I had another stroke of faith. It was very personal and hurt me a lot.

By the beginning of the new year, a lot of my friends were saying what a crappy year 2012 was and how they hoped that 2013 would be much better.
At some point I realised that it also counts for me.

So, today I finally had another job interview. I was very excited. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what was awaiting me.
They asked me to come in. I never applied for a job there.

Last night I got ready. Did my nails. Decided what to wear…
This morning of course everything was different. Due to the weather we were having problems with the public transportation. And after a nigh of rain, freezing cold and snow I really didn’t want to drive the car.

So I took the underground. The very, very full underground.
Luckily it cleared soon and I even got a seat.
There I was sitting. Being nervous about what will be. I looked around and saw that guy looking at me.
I looked away. Then I looked at him again. He looked at me and looked away. That kept going for a bit.
At some point, every time I looked at him he looked away and the same happened with me. But there was this one moment when he didn’t look away yet, that I smiled.
Just a little smile.

Next time I looked, he smiled as well.
He made me forget all my nervousness and all the thoughts in my head.
Then my station came. He got off to. But I didn’t see him on the platform.

As I was running late, I had to run and didn’t even had the chance to have another look.

I’d look to thank this man. He made my day. And I hope my smile helped him as well.

Oh, and by the way, interview went great. 🙂

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