Normal sex

Normal sex

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“Are you still able to have normal sex?”
“Do you enjoy normal sex?”
“Would you also have just normal sex with someone?”

I love those questions.

They make me laugh. They make me shake my head. They make me share it on Twitter and make my friends there laugh.

But they also make me wonder. What do people think of me? What do they think of D/s? But mostly, those questions make me wonder, what is normal sex? And what is not normal?

So, normal sex, for me is having a penis inside my vagina. Then of course there’s anal, but I assume that’s also normal. And we should not forget oral sex. Big fan. Yet, still normal.

What is it then that is not normal about the sex I have?

Yes, I like kinky stuff. Restrains, hair pulling, spanking, flogging, caning… I could go on and on.
But all of this list doesn’t count as sex. It might be foreplay. Or stuff that happens during the intercourse. Yet, the basic (cock in pussy) stays the same.

One of my Twitter followers joked “We meet up and have sex a total weird way. We do it in handstand.”

The thing is, dear people, yes, I have normal sex. And I enjoy it. Sometimes I even enjoy it more than anything kinky.

I’m normal, like you. I just have some fantasies.
Maybe I am even more normal than you are, because I am aware of these fantasies and found a way to live them out.

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