Miss M. gets a job – The interview (Part One)

Miss M. gets a job – The interview (Part One)

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I was nervous.
I am always nervous before an interview, but that one was different. I knew that.
I really wanted this job. And the training. What if he didn’t like my resume and CV? What if he didn’t like what he saw? What if he didn’t like me?

For several days now I was trying to decide what to wear. I wanted to look nice, sexy, but not slutty. It can be such a fine line between those two.

I had chosen a few outfits and after the shower in the morning I tried them on.
Trousers? A skirt? Or a dress? After I put on each at least three times, I decided to go with the classic. A black skirt and a white blouse.

I put on my favourite underwear. A red matching bra and thong. The skirt was not long. It ended somewhere above my knees, yet it was not too short. Then the blouse, black nice shoes and I was almost ready.
My hair was being held back with a couple of hair clasps.
A last look into the mirror and I was on my way.

As I was sitting in the underground, I reviewed my documents as well as the original ad, which a friend found on a website and sent to me. Because he knew, I was looking for a job and would probably be interested.

“I am a lawyer in a small law firm, with two partners. I am looking for a secretary.
Qualifications: very good knowledge of the written and spoken language, any other languages are a plus. You should be able to work with the Word system, have a nice voice and a well-groomed appearance.
You also need to be willing to be trained as a submissive. This will be exclusive for me and not for the other partners in the firm. This might require over time, but it will be rewarded.”

Already the first part sounded great, but the second one was what caught my interested. Obviously my friend found it on a BDSM dating site. I put it back into the folder I had with me.
I had to get off the train. As I was on my way up from the underground I realised how nervous I’ve gotten. It was not just some interview. It was more and so much more exciting.
As I stepped on the street and started walking towards the law firm, I looked at my watch. I was ten minutes early.

A woman at the front desk greeted me:”You must me Miss M. Mr. Williams will be right there. You can hang your coat here and take a seat right there in front of his office.”
I thanked her, took off my coat and walked to sit down.

At the same moment the door opened and a man looked at me. “Miss M.?” “Yes”, I nodded.
“Oh wonderful, you’re here. Come on in.”
I stepped in. He closed the door, went around the table and pointed me to sit down.
He smiled. I was surprised how good looking he was. But on the other hand, I always had a thing for men in suits.
His hair was a light brown, not too short. He was taller than me, I had to look up to him.
His green eyes started at me. I could feel that he was checking out my body. You could tell that he’s been working out. Definitely a man I would flirt with at a bar or club.
My day dreams were cut short when he started talking again:”As you have already figured out, I’m Mr. Williams. I am looking for a secretary and I liked your CV a lot. Can I ask you, where did you read my ad?”
I smiled:”It was send to me by a friend.”
“Interesting. And where did your friend find it?”
I blushed and looked at him. After a deep breath I finally said it the name of the site.
A huge grin showed on his face. “Very interesting.” He got up, walked around the table and leaned against the table, right in front of me. “Miss Masala, do you even know what it means to be submissive?”
I could feel myself turning red again. I nodded.
He came closer to me:”I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.” His tone was a bit stricter.
It scared me, but I could also feel arousal building up in me.
“Yes.” That was all that came out.
His tone got harder:”Yes, what?”
“Yes, Sir.” I said loud and clear. I was surprised myself how this came out of me.

“Good” he smiled. “Mrs Johnson, at the front desk, will give you two envelopes. One is not sealed. It has the regular contract in it. Read it and sign it. The other envelope, the sealed one has my special guidelines. Read those carefully as well and come back in a week to discuss them with me.”

He got up, walked towards the door and held it open for me. As I walked past him he caressed my back. I turned around smiled at him, got my coat and my envelopes.
The train ride home felt like eternity. All I wanted to do was to oped the sealed envelope.

To be continued

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