Miss M. gets a job – The envelope  (Part two)

Miss M. gets a job – The envelope (Part two)

brown paper envelope on table
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You can find the first part of the story here.

A special thanks to a lawyer, who gave me this idea and is helping to develop it.

It seemed to take an eternity to arrive at home. I was sitting in the train, the envelope on my lap. I couldn´t stop thinking about it. And about Mr. Williams.
What felt like hours only took 15 minutes. There it was. My station. I got off and rushed home. It has never been that hard to open a door. The keys were shaking in my hands, I had trouble finding the right one. Then the downstairs door opened, I ran up, managed to open the door to my apartment.

I threw down my coat, stepped out of my shoes. I didn´t care for the things lying on the floor. All I wanted was to open the envelope.

I placed the regular contract on the table, sat down on the couch and looked at the sealed envelope.

After a deep breath and a moment of panic and nervousness, I slowly open the seal and took out two papers.
The envelope slid to the floor as I began reading:

Every day, before you leave, you will be told, what to wear
the next day. First thing in the morning, you come into my
office and I will examine, whether you did as you´ve been

Your main purpose will be to serve my pleasure. Your body
will be available when it is needed.

As long as I told tell you otherwise, your legs will be slightly parted
in my presence.

Before work, you will edge, but not cum, so that your lust for me
will be big.

Mistakes will be punished. According to the severity of the
mistake, you get 10, 20 or 30 hits with a tool of my choice.
You will thank me after the punishment.

Your work hours end when I send you home. You will serve me
also outside of the office. In places I will order you to come.

Fill out the enclosed form, so that I can order a uniform for you.

In order to train you properly, I will need to know which treatment,
so far gave you the biggest orgasm. Also inform me what your biggest
reward is and what the worst punishment.

I finish reading and looked on the second paper. It was a detailed picture of a body, front and back. For me to fill in my measurements.

I put the letter on the coffee table and leaned back.
“Do I want this? Can I do this?”
More and more questions filled my head. Was it the right thing to do? Would I be happy? Would I regret it, if I didn´t take this chance?

And as my head was forming all this questions, rationalising it, I closed my eyes, tried to concentrate on my body.
My head as still thinking, but my heart had already made a decision and so did another, lower part of me.

I got up and went to the bedroom, I needed to change my panties.

To be continued

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