Most pleasure – task

Most pleasure – task

Yesterday I was given the following task:

Send me a photo or image from anything or anyone that gives you the most sexual pleasure. Physical pleasure. It can be a position, a scene, anything.

That was not an easy task he gave me. It is a wonderful task. Yet, not easy.

I like that it’s not just something that I have to do. I have to use
my brain, search within myself, get to know myself more.

So I began thinking. The first thing that came to my mind was this:

Then I realised that although it probably gives me the biggest
orgasms. It´s not what gives me the most pleasure. It took me a while
to see that pleasure and orgasms are not the same thing. Sex can be
pleasurable before or even without an orgasm.

The next thing which came to my mind was this:

This is something that can give me great pleasure and being with
someone who doesn´t know how to use that thing would be very hard for
me. But the pleasure I get (directly) from it is mental, not physical.

After going through a lot of pictures my Twitter friends shared, I got
very aroused. But I still was not happy. All the ideas, positions, role
plays, photos. They were all great. But none of them were right. Not
one of them is something that gives me the MOST pleasure.
I had to define the word “most”. At least for me it means that it´s
something that can give pleasure no matter what you´re in the mood
for. Either it´s D/s or cuddling or anything else.

And that´s when I had an idea. So, here´s my final answer:


Because they can give everything. They can make me cum. They can
caress my body. I love the feeling of hands on me. On my cheek,
slapping or holding it. On my throat, choking me. On my body, stroking
it or spanking me. Holding my hand.

Hands, hopefully your hands. That´s what gives me the most pleasure.

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