You have got to be kidding me!

You have got to be kidding me!

Today I received a message on CollarMe.
And even though that guys name (it had the words “real dom” in it) and age (several years younger than me) made me decide that he cannot be right for me, I answered.

He asked me whether I was into “racial abuse”. I said no. There are things in D/s which I like. Things I think are very wrong in real life. But racial abuse is not one of them. Maybe because I have experienced it in real life. As a victim of it.

Yet, I was curious what it was that he liked about it. So I asked him. Instead of answering me, he kept on asking questions. Whether I have tried it before or was into humiliation. No, I haven´t and yes, I am, to some degree.

I pointed out that I asked him first. That´s when he send me the following message:

1-when you refer to yourself you lowercase the first letter and when you refer to me you upper case the first one! e.g. i asked You…

2-do as you are told and never compare, slut!

Now, we already know how much I love when random men tell me what to do…

In regards to the first sentence:
Who are you to demand more respect than any other person I talk to?
In my opinion that lower and upper case thing is not a sign of respect. Yes, I do write “D/s”, but because i am used to it. I am also used to writing “I” and that won´t change.

And the second sentence:
Who are you to tell me what to do?
Not compare? No, that´s bad. Because that would make me see that you are a bad dom. Or even that I might be superior to you.
Slut?! Seriously? I might be a slut, but you have no right to call me that.

So, I answered him:
“Fuck off little boy!”

He deleted my message. So sad. I would´ve had a lot of fun with this one.


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