In school we learn that A+B=C
That means 1+2=3
This is logical. Mostly, because it is. You can exchange the letters for any two different numbers and you will always get a third number as the result.

1+2 will always be 3. It will never be 1 or 2.

Up until a certain point in school, math is easy. It makes sense. It is, as I said before, logical. I like when things are like that. It makes it easier to understand and explain.

Until feelings come in. Suddenly it seems that A+B doesn´t have to be C.

My math teacher liked to tell us that we need math for our daily life. Of course we do. But in every situation?

Me + a man can equal a relationship (A+B=C), but it can also equal me being alone (A+B=A) or him (A+B=B). It can also be A+B=D, because someone else is involved or the relationship is not a “regular” kind.
When you keep on thinking who else might be involved, how the relationship works or what it is that you want from the relationship, it starts getting complicated, just like math at some point did.

A+B= whatever you make of it and whatever makes you happy.



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