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One of the things I have learned from the years of making out with boys and men is that they don’t like blood coming out of my vagina.
It is alright with me. I don’t feel like having sex during this time either. My skin makes me look like I’m a teenager again and the pain during this week also isn’t something that makes me crave sex.
I have never felt dirty or anything because of that. It was always clear to me that it’s a natural thing. I believe I don’t need to go into details here.

Men on the other hand are weird about that somehow. “Eww! You’re on your period?” Although that one is rare, I have heard it.
Over the years I have gotten a lot of different reactions to it. Some were positive, most negative or at least weird.
I had always thought that men, as they get older, will get more grown-up about it. But I was mistaken.

From all the reaction I’ve gotten, my most favourite was the following:”You’re on your period? Well, then we’ll have to do it anal.”

It even made sense to me. It took me a while to understand how wrong that is.
I mean, WTF?

You are disgusted by the idea of a bit of blood on your cock? Most people, when accidentally cutting their finger, put it automatically into their mouth. And I’m not even asking you for oral.
So again. You are grossed out by blood, on your dick or condom, which can be washed off and is not unhealthy, instead you want to fuck me into the hole where I shit from?

This does not make any sense to me.

And as we know I’m not a big fan of anal. Never was.
So now I make a test. When a guy and I start talking about sex, I ask him:”What if I’m on my period?” His answer can make the difference between sex with me or silence.


  1. I don’t mind having sex when I’m on my period. To be honest, I don’t suffer from PMS and my period is very light. I don’t feel any different other than the very obvious presence of blood. Fortunately for me, my husband has never cared about sex on my period and neither have most of my past relationships. It was never an issue. They wanted sex, I was on my period, so what, we had sex anyways. I too had a guy long ago in my past who didn’t want to have sex with me on my period and suggested we had anal instead. I thought the same thing. Wait, you don’t want my blood on your condomed dick, but shit is ok? Hmmm.

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