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I want to see you.
I want to hear your voice and feel your touch.
I want to take in your scent.
I want to have your hands caress my body.
I want to kiss you and be kissed back.
I want to discover your body over and over again.
I want to feel you next to me, over me, under me, inside me.
I want to lay in your arms.
I want to feel your breath on my skin.
I want to not be able to stop thinking of you.
I want to see your smile.
I want you to make me laugh.
I want you to need me.
I want to kneel before you.
I want to serve you.
I want to hear you say “good girl”.
I want to be special.
I want you to be addicted to me.

All of that is not true. I don’t want these things.
I NEED them.

And most of all, I need to be yours.

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  1. mmm this is incredible and very moving Lilly!! – I couldnt help thinking how I told my little girl over and over “Good girl” as she came, and she rolled off and said ”stop saying that, I am not a dog!” haha – i had never thought before that the endearment prolly comes from saying good girl or good boy to a pet hahahaha – i use it in moderation now! Hey Lilly, your poem is nearly perfect in its longing for and submission to your master – talk soon …….

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