Cuffed and punished

Cuffed and punished

We´re sitting on the couch, laughing and joking. Suddenly the look in your eyes changes and your voice becomes harsher. Very strict you say:”Go to the bedroom and take your place there. I will follow in a bit.”

Without hesitation I reply:”Yes, Sir” and leave the room. In the bedroom, I take off my shirt and skirt, as well as my underwear. I place it all on a chair and kneel down, next to the bed; legs slightly apart, hands behind my back and my head down.

It feels like hours until I finally hear you walk in. I do not look up, I know better. I feel you behind me, your hands touch mine; and there it is the cold steel on my wrists. I hear the click sound, the cuffs are on. You walk around me and stop in front of me. “You may look up, whore.” I lift my head and look at you. You smile, stroke my head and lean down; while giving me a kiss your hand holds me by my collar. I open my eyes, to see your face close to mine. Your hand leaves the collar and grabs my throat and lifts me up by my throat, choking me. You place me on the bed and turn me around, on my stomach. My ass is up and I feel the cold lube dripping onto me. Very carefully and slowly you push my plug into me and give me a smack on each cheek.

“Much better”, with these words you turn me around and spread my legs, probing my pussy. “You’re wet already! Horny little slut.” You laugh. I moan as I feel you fingers playing with me, fucking me, circling my clit. I start moving towards your finger and pout as you remove it from me. “Lick it clean”, you say as you stick your finger into my mouth. “Well done. Now let’s have some more fun. And by fun I mean a little bit of torture.”

You put another pair of cuffs on my ankles and fix my legs with a spreader bar. I lie on the bed, my legs wide open. You sit down between my legs and start playing with my pussy again. Caressing it, slapping it, finger fucking it; it makes me moan and scream.

My eyes are closed when I hear a quiet buzzing. You apply the vibrator to my inner tights, all the area around my pussy and then finally my clit. I moan very loud and feel the orgasm building up. “May I cum, Sir?” I ask. “No!” And you remove the vibe for a bit. Allowing me to cool down, before you again apply it to my clit.

I ask again:”Please, Sir, may I cum.”

“No whore. Don’t you dare.”

You play the game, again and again. Getting me close, denying the orgasm, pulling away and starting again. I try to close my legs, but am not able to so it.

I ask again, desperate:”Please Sir, allow me to cum.”

Again you deny me the orgasm. But this time you leave the vibe on my clit. I try my best to move away and stop myself from cumming. But my body doesn’t listen to me and I scream loud as I cum.

You leave the vibe on my extremely sensitive clit. I beg you to move it away and after a while I feel a second orgasm building up. Again I ask for your permission, again it is denied, but the vibe stays where it was. Again I cum.

Finally you stop and get up. “You’re such a bad slut! I didn’t allow you to cum, yet you did. Twice! I am very disappointed.” You open the cuffs on my wrists and go over to a sofa, sitting down.

“Crawl over here, slut, and get your mouth to good use.” I get off the bed and crawl, as good as I can with the spreader bar, towards you. You get your cock out and as I take it in a bit, you force my head down. Pushing my head all the way down and pulling it back up by my hair. It doesn’t take you long to cum and I hear you telling me to swallow it all and clean you up again.  Happily I do as I’m told.

“Now for you punishment, girl. Stay on all fours, but get your ass up in the air.” I know there’s no point of arguing with you about me not having a chance not to cum. So I lower my head and get my ass up as high as I can.

Even before I am hit I recognise the cane by the sound. You take your time with the strokes. Waiting for it to just stop stinging before hitting again. You stop and I hope that it’s over when I feel a new pain.The soles of my feet sting from the cane. You strike each foot 5 times and then finally release me,


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