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For two days now I have been looking through my comments. Reading them. So many of them could make a new post. Or a follow up. In the end a decision had to be made.

On the 7th of October I wrote a post called “to be back or no to be”

One of the comments was from a total stranger. Someone I have never talked to. But the things he said made me feel good. Good about myself, my blog and my online being.
Here are his kind words:

I first stumbled on your blog today. And the first post I see is this, again nearly two months old.
Sometimes, there is nothing to say.
Sometimes, one could shout a thousand words, but they all could not sum up the feelings one has.

Dear Lillith – we never met. We probably never will. I don’t know you, yet, apart from a few words in a community profile and one – or better two – blog posts. And you know nothing about me. But as I read your lines, I believe I found a echo of a time I found in myself. So if I may say something: Don’t force yourself. Don’t try to write a good post. Be. Try to express your thoughts, your feelings, as maddened, as chaotic they may be. And if there is online silence within you, so there may be silence here.

The sky by night is full of stars, mostly screaming silently. But they are shining bright, and sometimes, they talk to us.

You are a star – just don’t forget it.

He made me see why I started writing in the first place. For myself. And since I read his words I began writing again, with joy.

Remember that a smile or 5 minutes of your time can make another person feel good for a while day or more.

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  1. I agree, we write because that is what we love. Not all in the world are meant to be writers, just like many (myself included) are not meant to be painters. Don’t force it just let go and then when its right wright.

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