Slapping – a follow up

Slapping – a follow up

One and a half years ago I wrote a post about my new limit.

After that I didn’t even think much about it. Even not when I came back to D/s.
I guess it was in my head. I set a limit and that was it. No further discussion needed. There would be no slapping in my future.

That a was true until one Thursday afternoon.
It was my second date with Nima. We had written long emails back and forth, chatted and met for coffee and a walk by the river. Which was followed by passionate kisses.
On the second date things got more intense.
We were looking for a bit of a hidden place to make out bit and after a while found that very big tree. It was surrounded by bushes and we were able to hide there for a while.
There was groping and kissing and touching and even cock sucking.
At some point he pinned me against the tree, which got me even more aroused, and was whispering things into my ear. He grabbed me by the hair, turned my head a bit.
I cannot recall his exact words, but suddenly his hand met my face. He slapped me. Again and again.

And the rush, which I used to feel years ago, came back. I enjoyed it. I was so surprised at that moment.

Two weeks later I am still thinking about it.
Did I need time to heal?
Did I need the right guy to come along?
Do I need someone to push my limits?

I don’t know what the reason is. But I am happy. And that is all that matters.

Limits can change and someone telling that you cannot add new limits or decide that something is not a limit anymore, has no idea what he is talking about.
Only you know what is right for you.


  1. Lev

    not sure if your questions are rhetorical or not, but I’d say it has everything to do with you feeling comfortable with Nima.

    that there is a gut-level trust of/with him to allow yourself to do this [and not freak out].

    שבת שלום

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