Sir’s reward

Sir’s reward

“Come here Lilly”, I hear you say. I walk into the living room and see you sitting in your arm chair. “Next to me, sweet girl.” I take my place, kneeling next to you, at your feet, and look up smiling. You pet my head. “You know, you have been a very good girl lately. You have been doing your tasks and were so eager to please me. I am very proud of you.”
“Thank you, Sir”, I say smiling, as I look up to you.
“So I have decided to give you a little reward.” My smile becomes bigger. “Of course the reward doesn’t, come without work, but I’m sure you will enjoy it very much. Now stand up, so I can have a good look at you.”
I get up, with my hands behind my back, my head lowered. You get off your arm chair and walk around me. Caressing my body, running your fingers over me. You stop in front of me, take my hair in your hand and pull it back. I see you smile as you look into my eyes. “Good girl”, you say as you give me a kiss.
Again you walk around me, but this time you stop behind me and get something from your pocket.
“We have talked about it a couple of times and I know that you are both, nervous and aroused, by the idea.” While you say that you put a blindfold on my eyes. “So I think, that should make it easier for you. Do you know what we are going to do, girl?”
I shake my head. “No, Sir.”
“Don’t be scared, you’ll love it. And you know why you’ll love it? Because you’re a slut. My slut.” With this words you take my hand and guide me into the bedroom.
I stand in the middle of the room. Your hands slowly caressing my body, while you stand behind me. One hand plays with my right nipple, while the other circles my stomach, on it’s way to my pussy.
“And now for the surprise.”
Your hands keep doing the same. One hand playing with my pussy and the other with my nipple. When a tongue starts licking my left nipple it takes me a couple of seconds to understand that you are still behind me and that it can’t be you licking it.
The moment I realise it, I take a step back. Or at least I try, but you won’t let me.
“Surprised?” you ask.
I nod, as I am too shocked to answer.
Your hands seem to be all over my body. My breasts, my arms, my ass, my head.
While pushing me down gently, I hear you say:”It’s time for you to get to work.”
The moment I get on my knees a cock is forced into my mouth. Immediately I start suck it. A hand on the back of head helps me to take it in deep.
After a while the cock is taken out of my mouth and is replaced by another. All I can think about is which one is yours and who the other guy is.
I hear you command me to get on all four, when the second cock leaves my mouth. I do as I’m told. Fingers start probing my cunt. A man’s voice says:”Wow, she is so wet.”
“Let’s make it more” you reply and start spanking me at the same moment. Each of you spanks one check and with every spank I cry out a bit.
What feels like hours stops and I hear the man commenting on the nice red colour my ass now has.
“Now comes the fun part”, you whisper in my ear. And a moment later a cock again finds it’s way into my mouth. At the same time the other cock penetrates my pussy and starts fucking me hard.
While the hands on my head force me to deep throat, the other set of hands pinches my nipples.
The man fucking my pussy now finds my clit and starts playing with it. I feel myself getting closer to an orgasm and almost not hear the man in front of me tell me to not swallow, but keep it in my mouth and show it to him.
I feel him cum in my mouth and taste the salty load. As he pulls out, the other men’s orgasms builds up, just like mine. My pussy begins contracting and the sound of him cumming sets me off too. He pushes deep inside me and I scream, with my mouth open, eager to not swallow as I was told.
“You can swallow now”, you say as the cock it takes out. I lay down on the floor and distantly hear you two talk.
“I told you that she’s a good girl.”
The man answers:”Indeed. So eager to please and very good at multitasking.”


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