I have been following “Kink of the week” for a couple of weeks now. And had finally decided to participate.

What a surprise when I saw this week´s kink…


Thinking about it brings back memories which I completely forgot.
It must´ve been 2 years ago that I had a task given by my that time Sir. The task mainly was to find out about figging and how to do it.

And as the good girl that I am, I did as I was told. I asked my friends on Twitter. And most people (mostly girls and my exDaddy) told me that it is very painful and things like that. Also, it was explained to me that one should really, really, really not try it if you are allergic to ginger….
But in one more private talk a follower told me that she found it not as bad as everyone was saying.

Some days later the day came where I got the task to buy a ginger root. I was very nervous, but also a bit excited to see how it was going to me.
So I went out, bought the ginger, cut it the way I was supposed to and applied it, where I was supposed to.

I don´t remember much. I do remember though that there was nothing in the beginning, but then the burnung started. It wasn´t a walk in the park, but I know that I thought that I actually did have worse pain than that in my life.

It didn´t take too long to wear off. I reported back to my Sir and we talked about it.

Not long after that we parted, for other reasons, and I never got to try it again. Or have someone do it to me, in person. But now the idea is back in my head and the experiement might be repeated soon.

Today, as this post was forming in my head, I went shopping. Just look what they have in the store now. Maybe it´s a sign:


Come and see who else is writing about GINGER:







  1. Everyone’s reaction is so individual. I had the same thing happen the first time I contemplated it – everyone said it was going to be The Worst Pain EVER! And for some, I guess it is… Then there are those of us that like it. 😉

    So glad that you decided to join in on Kink of the Week!

  2. Similar to my experience; expected an inferno as I had got Deep Heat and chilli “down there” over the years, but it just wasn’t that bad at all.

    I am told that ginger on the glans/clitoris, is a whole different barrel of screaming though. Not trying that. 🙂

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