The dream is just the beginning

The dream is just the beginning

The other night I had a dream. After waking up I could ‘t stop thinking about it.

He arrives at the train station, as usual. I am there, waiting for him. I see him walk up to me, a huge smile on his face, just like on mine.
As we’re in the car, he types an address into my satnav and I start the car. While driving, we chat about life and news and about how happy we both are to finally meet again. We joke and laugh and tease.
“You have reached your destination”, I hear the voice tell me and look for a parking space. As we get out of the car, he takes my hand and we walk up to a hotel. Within a few minutes he takes care of everything and we are on our way to the room.
We kiss more passionate as we come closer to our room. He unlocks the door and opens it to let me in. I walk in and hear him closing it. I can feel him behind me, his hands as he helps me out of my summer coat. 

He smiles at me as he walks towards me. He reaches me and gently pushes me back. I take a few steps back and find myself pinned to the door. I look up to him, waiting for him to kiss me. His left hand grabs my throat and squeezes it lightly. With his right hand he caresses my face. His eyes look deeply into mine. “Today, my little slut, you will show me how much of a slut you are. You better not disappoint me.”

The thing about dreams is that anything can happen there, but you always wake up. While in reality your dreams can come true and you can life them out.

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