OMG – I don’t fuck on the first date

OMG – I don’t fuck on the first date

A couple of days ago I added a little sentence to my OKCupid profile.
It simply said that I don’t fuck on the first date.

Why did I add it? Because I felt that it was needed. I have come to a point (again), where I feel that I need to let men know about it. Not only on OKC, also on other dating sites as well as on Twitter.
Yes, I do say that I am a slut. Even a proud one, as I started a couple of weeks ago. (
And yes, I talk about sex and kink and kinky sex.  I write about my fantasies and desires.
And yes, I post pictures. My profile pictures on most of the sites are erotic and/or revealing.

I see that it might be confusing for men. If she talks like a slut, writes like a slut, posts slutty pictures and says she is a slut, then for sure she has to be one AND will sleep with every guy she talks to.

Receiving messages like “Want rough sex? I’m in a hotel on town, come over” or “Do you enjoy anal?” or “When can we meet to fuck?” are not a turn on for me and will don’t make me answer.
And even if I agree to meet someone, pushing me or planing on meet somewhere, where we can be alone,and  will only push me away than make me want to get closer.

I’m not playing hard to get or pretend to be shy. I simply prefer to be safe than sorry.

I’m not saying that there weren’t or won’t be men I actually will sleep with on the first date. But the few with whom I did have been different and special,  and only a handful.

So, now my profile says that I don’t fuck on the first date.  And maybe even not the second, third and forth. Since I put it up, my inbox isn’t as full anymore. But I am alright with that. Less idiots to deal with.


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