A fantasy coming true

A fantasy coming true

I rang the door bell downstairs. As I waited to be let in my mind wandered off. I knew what was waiting for me upstairs and that was the reason why I was so excited and nervous.
In the apartment, to which I was headed, were two men, awaiting my arrival. I had met with both.

One, my Sir. We met every chance we got, sadly that weren´t many. But when we met, it was always special. Even if we only had coffee and a talk or actually got to have some playtime.

The other, another young dominant man. We had started talking online and after some difficulties we finally got together and got along great. On every level…

Both knew about each other and at some point the suggestion to meet came up. All together. I was very nervous back then, but they got along great. And I knew that it had set something in motion. One of my fantasies was about to become reality.
When I was told by my Sir to come to the other guy´s apartment, I knew what might happen.

The sound of the buzzer made me come back to the reality rather quick and I made my way to the second floor. I knocked on the door and it immediately opened.
Two men, standing there, grinning. I couldn´t help myself but laugh as I entered. One helped me out of my coat and both gave me a kiss.
Even though I was the submissive, I felt like a queen, having this two men taking care of me, wanting me.

We walked to the living room, I was offered a glass of wine. For some time we just sat and drank and talked. Until this moment when they looked at each other, then me. Something changed in their eyes. I placed my glass on the table and looked at Sir.

“Although you seem pretty comfortable already, it is time for you to feel even more comfortable. Take off you clothes and present yourself.”
I got up, unbuttoned my blouse, took my bra off, my skirt, tights and panties and stood in front of the men, with my hands behind my back, looking at them.
Their eyes wandered up and down my body, I  was told to turn around once. Four hands caressed my body, fingers pinched my nipples. They seemed to like what the saw.
“Now that you are naked, go back to the couch and gives us a little show. Make yourself cum, my sweet little kitten.”
I turned around, walked to the couch, which was placed in a way that they could see everything there was to see.
I laid down, placed my head on a small cushion, spread my legs and closed my eyes. As my hands slowly moved down on my body and finally my fingers started playing with my clit, I was surprised how wet I was. Taking turns from finger fucking myself and circling my clit, my moans got louder by the minute.
I could hear them talk. It wasn´t too hard to tell their voice apart, but I had no idea what they were saying. Except for a few English words, which they threw in their conversation to tease me, they spoke a language I didn´t understand at all. But knowing that they were talking about me, soon sent me over the edge and very loudly I came. Enjoying every second of it.
With a big smile on my face, I opened my eyes, licked my fingers clean and look over to the men. They were happy, with my performance.
But I knew, it was only the first one today and more was about to come.

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