A fantasy coming true –  Part II

A fantasy coming true – Part II

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I was lying on the couch, catching my breath, enjoying the post-orgasm feeling, when I heard rd Sir’s voice:”Come over here. I think we have forgotten to put something on you.”
Obediently I got up and walked over to the men. Sir got up, turned my back to him. “Put your hair into a ponytail. It’ll be more useful this way later and will help me put your collar on now.” I did as I was told. Within seconds my hair was up and I felt the leather and steel of my play collar.
Feeling it always did something to me. It changed my attitude, my posture, my thinking.
As he fixed the collar in my neck, my eyes slowly lowered themselves and stayed focused on the floor. He turned me around and I heard the clicking sound of the leash being attached to the front of my collar.
Using said leash, Sir pulled me closer and gave me a kiss, after which he whispered into my ear:”You will be a good girl today and will do anything we tell you to, won’t you? ”
” Yes, Sir”, I answered quietly.
He released the leash, so I could stand up straight again and added:”For today you will address both of us as Sir. Me, as usual as Sir and our friend over there as Sir P.” I nodded. “Now, walk over to Sir P.”
I turned around again, looked at the other man and walked towards him. He got up and placed hus hands on my body. Caressing me, he turned my back to him and began massaging my breasts from behind. First carefully, but soon harder and he also pinched and pulled my nipples.
I could see that Sir was amused by moaning as well as my flinching.
Sir P’s right hand moved up to my throat, he turned my head back and to the side and gave me a long kiss.
At the same time his left hand found its way down to my pussy and parted my lips. His fingers circled my clit for a while. He suddenly stopped kissing me, turned to Sir saying:”I can not believe how wet she has gotten.”
Having that said, he took me by my wrists and bound them together behind my back. Softly pushing me down he added:”Get down and kneel, so you are where you belong.”
I carefully kneeled down, my legs parted as I found a comfortable position and I looked up to the men, who again started talking, without me understanding a single word.

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