I have always been a girl who cried easily. Anything could make me cry.
Joy, pain, heartache. Even a movie or even a commercial.
When I got angry, I cried.
When I was happy, I had tears in my eyes.
When I was in pain, I cried.

I never saw it as something good. Either people thought of me being weak or simply annoying for crying. But there was nothing I could do. I was like that as a child, a teenager and still am that way.

I tried a lot of things to control it, but I never was able to do so.

But I was never able to cry as a submissive. During play, because of a punishment. Nother really set me off. Until about tw years ago.
My last Sir and I had talked about it and one day, he took a lot of time and a lot of his toys and used them to spank me. Somewhere during that spanking a photo was taken, which I am currently using as my Twitter avi.
After, what felt like hours, I finally was able to let go and cry.

I haven´t thought about this in a long time, but when I saw this week´s topic it was the first that came into my mind.

Since then I haven´t had a Dom, until recently. With Nima Ihaven´t gotten to that point. But I had tears in my eyes when I was with him last.
Tears which were caused by deepthroating his cock. That too, such a nice memory…

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  1. AfterDesire

    You don’t cry because of pain or happiness, you cry as a result of its interpretation, and happens when it’s not expected. In a session it is expected and your mind is ready for it. If someone randomly slaps you probably you start crying.

    If you cry frequently I hypothesize that your mind tries to model and predicts everything, consciously or sub-consciously, and consequently you should have good imagination.

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