A good girl´s reward

A good girl´s reward

She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled.
He had driven her home, but let her out two blocks away from her house. As she got out, he reminded her to only open the box when she’s in her flat. Not before.
“I trust you. You have been a good girl. You will do as I told you.”
She smiled as she got out of the car. He drove off and she started walking.
She indeed had been a good girl so far and he was right, he could trust. She didn’t even think for one second to open the box before being inside.
She could still hear his voice as be said:”This is a little gift for you. You have earned it”, as he gave her the box.

The warm wind caressed her face. Only a few people were on the street. A young couple, a group of teenager and a lawyer, who was probably just now returning from home. She walked past them, the box in her hand, her thoughts filled with everything she experienced the past few months.

Every time she got to meet him was very intense. They played, they talked, they grew together. They became one. It was the first time in years that she felt so secure with another person.

Submitting to him made her stronger.
Being his little girl made her more confident.
The way he educated her made her better.
Being owned by him made her whole.

Of course they had some downs, some disappointments, some arguments. But it only made her work harder and more.

She walked around the corner and stood in front of her house. For a moment she had to let go of the box to get her keys. Opening the door, walking upstairs and opening the door to her flat, felt like eternity, even though it was only a minute.

Finally she walked in, put her keys on the table next to the door, her purse right next to it and walked into the living room.
She sat down on the couch, took a deep breath and looked at the box. Why was she so nervous? She knew it was a good thing. Yet, she was nervous.
She took another deep breath and opened the little box.
A little pendant was inside, with one word engraved on it. She knew where it had to go. She took off her collar, attached the pendant and put it back on.
She walked to a mirror. There she was. With his collar and the reward from the box, which said:”Mine”

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  1. I was just at the store tonight looking at the make your own tags and thinking it would be nice to have such a tag saying “mine” on a collar. Then lo and behold, I read this story. Excellent writing. Loved it.

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