Clearing up a lie

Clearing up a lie

About two years ago, I had a certain online – Sir. He had given me a task.
About two days afterwards I broke things off with him, got over him and haven’t really spent much time thinking about him and anything to do with him. Until some recent blog post and the reuniting with a friend.
This friend and I talked about this Dom. Let’s call him S9. And I told her that some of the tasks he gave me I never did. That was the moment I realised, I had a lie on my blog and now I’d like to clear it up.
The task, to which the link is above, was not done the way I described.
Yes, those jeans were are wet and yes, that was me and yes it was outside. But it wasn’t in the middle of the street or in front of a cafe. No one even saw me.
It was not far from my house, hidden, with not one person around.
I feel bad for not clearing this up sooner. But I am not sorry for not doing the task.

Anyway, I just wanted to get it out.

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