I had a date the other night

I had a date the other night

Not too long ago, probably a couple of weeks, a man sent me a message on OKC. Not the usual “I am a Dom, submit to me now, bitch” or “hi, i want meet u”. It actually was a quite nice message. He complimented on my blog, what always gets my attention.
We wrote back and forth, but had trouble finding a day to meet, in person. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to meet him at first or even talk to him on the phone. So I was pretty happy that I have been busy those days.
But in the end, we found a day and set a time and managed to meet.
We had a lovely time with some drinks and then walked along the river. Talking. And there was a little bit of kissing.
After we parted we had the next problem. When would we meet again?
Now, guess what?! We managed to find a day the following week.
The next days we spent texting and teasing a bit. As the day approached, we had to set a place where to go and somehow I ended up in charge of finding said place.
Not a problem you say?
Well, I probably should have mentioned that I am really bad at finding places and the places I do find are horrible. (Ask @CalibratedChaos aka Sylvanus)
What happened was that I didn’t really look for a place, because I remember saying that I have no idea where to go, and he thought I still would find something.
Needless to say, I was a disappointment.
He picked me up around the corner from my house. Btw, I was on time.

The moment I got into the car something changed. Within a few moments I went from regular, loudmouth, teasing Lilly to little submissive Lilly.
The way he spoke, what he said, his tone. Everything set my mind into subby mode.
A part of me loved it. It has been a while since I felt that way. But another part was scared. We hadn’t really talked about a lot of the important things and I was simply surprised.

After driving around for what felt like hours (him being upset and not talking much), we found a spot.
Everything that followed that is a bit of a blur. I remember what happened, but not in which order.
There was face slapping (which I only recently started to like again), nipple torture, choking, fingering, cock sucking, slapping and squeezing of my thigh and there was cum. Oh, and there were tears!

We talked about it later and I pointed out my concern and thoughts about me not feeling comfortable at some points of that evening. He was very understanding and agreed with me.
We laid some group rules, talked about limits and how to differentiate between play and “normal” time.

As he drove me back, before I got out of the car, he told me:”Behave.”
I asnwered:”I can’t promise that.”
To which he replied:”I don’t even know why I said it.”
A Twitter friend pointed out that he only told me to behave, he didn’t say whether in a good or bad way. I shall tell him that the next time.

My conclusion:
I enjoyed both dates with him a lot.
I had a bruise which reminded me of that evening for quite a while. So did my nipples.
I am glad that I told him my concerns and about the way he reacted.
And most of all, I am looking forward to our next date.

PS: Interesting, writing about the subby mode and remembering what he said and how he spoke, made me go back right there. Little submissive Lilly

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