My body learned a new trick

My body learned a new trick

Today I got to see him again.
(We have decided that I will be calling him “Daddy”.)

He had booked a room at a hotel and told me to come for an interview to be a secretary. I was told to dress accordingly and bring secretary utensils. As well as some toys.

I put on a black skirt, a white low-cut blouse, a bra, nice black shoes and not panties. My bag was full with my flogger, some restrains, my buttplug and my vibe. As I went up to his room, I put my hair up in a ponytail and had a pen and a notepad in my hand.

I knocked on the door, he let me in and after a little small talk, he started to dictate me a text. Needless to say that I had no chance to keep up with him and did not very well. So we started talking about my other qualities.
Within minutes he was pinching my nipples, pulling my hair and forcing me to suck on his cock.
The only moment he paused for a bit was when he discovered that I wasn´t wearing any panties.

As the playing went on, my restrains and the flogger were used on me. Sadly not my vibe, but I am sure that we will come to that as well.
His cock was ramming into me, as he was telling me how bad I was at the writing assignment. But gladly we found a new use for me.
You see, I am a fast learner, very flexible and eager to serve in any required way…

Later on, as he was fingering me, he pointed out that I was squirting and asked me why I was doing it without permission. (Obviously that is nothing I can control.) In our talk afterwards I told him that I have never experienced that before.

As we laid on the bed, him relaxing, me used and abused and with cum in my hair, I thought back on the past couple of hours.
My nipples hurt and I knew would hurt for a few more days. He pointed out that he really likes my nipples. I guess that is something I will have to get used to and be more careful not to touch them for the next few days after playing.
So laying there, I was thinking about what happened. A fantasy was played out. And the way he behaved, talked and looked at me, helped me “stay in character”.
Today I texted him that I have another fantasy I´d like to live out. We shall see what comes of it.

What was even more exciting was that I found out something new about my body. Up until that day I had no idea that I could squirt.
First time I, knowingly, squirted and another thing I did for the first time. Although I wrote about it before, I never experienced it. Till now.

All in all, I again had a great time. I know that we will need more time to get to know each other better and that I should stop being a brave girl and maybe use my safeword. 🙂

I am looking for the next date and for now am going to find something to make my poor nipples feel a bit better.

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